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Change Subscription 

Upgrade/Downgrade Plans

Through the Chargebee web-Interface as a merchant, you can change the subscription for a customer using the “Charge Subscription” button from the subscription details, these changes can be done immediately or schedule for the next renewal.

You can access the subscription details by searching for it using respective information or form the customer details page.

Once in the change subscription page, you can update the new values, like Plan, Add-ons, & coupons. And then choose to when you would like the change to take affect (immediate or Next renewal)

Note: If there are existing schedule changes, when making a change to a subscription the schedule changes will be cancelled.

Subscriptions cancel also be change through the following mediums

- Customer Portal - Your customers can sign up for their portal account to make changes to their subscription and payment details on their own. More on this here.

- Using APIs - You can use the Update a subscription API to make changes to the subscription if you have integrated with Chargebee via our APIs.
- Bulk Operations: Using a CSV import method you can make changes to multiple subscriptions in one go. Click Here for more info on Bulk Operations.

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