Can I change the plan of an existing subscription on behalf of the customer ?

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Change Subscription 

Upgrade/Downgrade Subscriptions.


A customer's subscription can be changed (upgraded/downgraded) by the merchant, the customers themselves or through APIs if you have implemented a custom workflow.

As a merchant, you can change a subscription from the Admin Console (aka-Web interface).

A customer can change or update a subscription from the Customer Portal provided the functions are allowed from the portal settings.

If you have a custom/in-app user interface you can use our APIs to carry out changes to a subscription.

What can be changed;

  1. Plan 
  2. Plan Amount (Price Overriding needs to be enabled)
  3. Add-ons (Recurring only)
  4. Add-on Amount (Price Overriding needs to be enabled)
  5. Coupons
  6. Billing Cycles (to limit the number of renewals)
  7. Purchase order number
  8. And any custom fields.

These changes can be effective;

  • Immediately - You can choose to prorate or not.
  • On Next renewal  - when the subscription will renew on the next billing date.
  • On specific Date - Specify the date when the renewal will take effect.



Once you are logged in to the Chargebee web-interface, go to Subscriptions » Find & Open the specific Subscription(s) » Click the Change Subscription » Make Required Changes » Apply Changes » Change Subscription.

If you need to make changes to more than one subscription at a time you can use the Bulk Operations: Using a CSV import you can make changes to multiple subscriptions in one go. Click Here for more info on Bulk Operations.


If you are using a custom interface/automation You can use the Update a subscription API to make changes to the subscription if you have integrated with Chargebee via our APIs.

Customer Portal

Your customers can sign up for their portal account to make changes to their subscription and payment details on their own. As a merchant, you can control what changes can be carried out from the portal. Click Here for more on this.


  • Any existing scheduled change will be overridden if a new change is scheduled.
  • APIs carrying parameters for proration and unbilled charges will not work in the case of scheduled changes.

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