Current MRR VS MRR VS MRR Impact in Report Exports

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What are the difference between Current MRR and MRR?

What are the difference between MRR Impact vs MRR?



This is the MRR of the subscription as a snapshot in time. The MRR of the subscription sometimes changes over time.

Current MRR

This is the current MRR of a subscription (when you pulled the report).

Impact MRR

This is the MRR growth relative to the previous month's MRR.

Example, In this subscription, we can see we started with a subscription MRR of $68.75.

This is marked in the MRR column. Since it was a new MRR, it was also factored in as an impact MRR with a MRR status of new.

Fast forward some time, and we see that the subscription was upgraded. The MRR was changed to $87.50 and the Impact MRR was $18.75 (the difference from the previous month). 

The current MRR is $87.50 because that was the current MRR of the subscription when you downloaded it.

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