How to get Account Statement Report By Customer/Subscription?

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How do I generate a report of current value based on paid or due amounts per customer?

How do I generate a report value based on the net total per subscription?


If you are looking for a quick Account Summary Report to review the current value based on net Total/Paid/Due per customer and subscription based on their current status, you can very well build a dynamic report with the help of the Report Builder Function in Chargebee Revenuestory. Navigate to 'Revenuestory' → Report Builder → Build New Report → Summary Report.


Navigate to 'Revenuestory' > Report Builder > Build New Report > Summary Report.
Here, you can define the row by any identifier from the Customer or Subscription, or Both based on your preference. Shown below is the Account Statement configuration for Net Due per Customer (Company) + Subscription (ID) View:

This will help visualize the net due amount per Customer/Subscription based on their current status in Chargebee. You can select conditions to better suit your requirements for an account statement, such as aggregation of Invoice Amount Total / Invoice Amount Paid (SUM). Here is a sample report built with this condition:

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