Total Signups - RevenueStory metric

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How to create a report to show all new customers in a period of time?


The total number of subscription signups.
Explanation of metric
  • A trend line depicts the number of registrations during a period.
  • A point-in-time KPI is also available for this metric. It indicates Signups during the current period, variance with the previous period, and percentage change across the current and previous periods.
How it's measured

Signups = Total number of registrations during the period
Note: Reported based on the earliest date out of the Subscription start date, Activation date, IN TRIAL Start date, and Creation date.

You can use the "Total Signups" report in RevenueStory to show all new customers in a period of time. Here's how you can add this
You can hover over the report to view the period-wise data.

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Increasing signups directly correlates with revenue growth. Signups indicate the health of acquisition sources.

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