Why few invoices are not syned to Avalara?

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My invoice and credit notes are not syncing to Avalara. Why?

Credit notes not syncing to Avalara. 


There are two things to check when invoices or credit notes do not sync in Avalara. 
1. Billing address

2. Check if the credit note or invoice has tax applied to it. 


Avalara is a cloud-based SaaS solution for taxation and compliance requirements. With Chargebee's Avalara integration, you can handle taxation with ease, eliminating the need to manually configure tax for each of your taxable regions or nexus.

For the tax to be calculated, it would be a necessary requirement that the billing country details be present. In some cases, when the invoice is generated for a customer, it is not synced to Avalara. 

Step 1: In such cases, we need to check if the customer for whom the invoice was generated, has a billing address. And in such cases where no billing country or zip code is present for the customer, the tax wouldn’t be calculated in the first place. 

Step 2: If the billing address is present and then check if the component (invoice or credit note) has tax applied to it. The Credit notes/invoices from Chargebee would be synced to Avalara only if they have any tax applied to them. If they do not have any taxes applied to them, they would not be posted to your Avalara account. You can verify this by looking at the “Invoice generated” or “Credit note created” event in which the taxability should be evident. The entities which do not have any tax will have the exempt reason "Tax not configured". These entities would not be synced. Any entity with tax-exempt reason apart from this (including tax-exempt reason as "Export") will all be synced to your Avalara account.

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