How to integrate Clickfunnels and Chargebee?

Modified on: Wed, 26 Jul, 2023 at 2:18 PM

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How do I integrate Clickfunnels with Chargebee?


Chargebee does not have a direct integration with Clickfunnels. However, it is possible to connect Clickfunnels with Chargebee via Zapier or using webhooks/APIs


You can either build a simple integration using Chargebee webhooks and APIs or you can use Zapier to connect Chargebee and Clickfunnels. 

The API-based integration will require a bit of development effort on your end. The flow is to use webhooks as the trigger and then call the necessary APIs to Clickfunnel. 

The Zapier-based connection is much simpler and is easy to configure as well. Here are our detailed docs on Zapier and how to connect to other apps using Zapier. 

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