Can I have “Chargebee Login” and “SSO on API” both at the same time to manage the access to the Self Serve Portal?

Modified on: Thu, 27 Jul, 2023 at 8:23 AM

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Is it possible that if I can have the access configuration to Self Serve Portal to Chargebee Login and still I can manage the access via API?

I need to set up the configuration to manage the access to the Self Serve Portal in such a way that some customers will access the Portal via API and some via OTP verification. Is it possible?


According to the current behavior by design, it is not possible to have both types of access - “Chargebee Login” and “SSO on API” at the same time for the Self-Serve Portal. You can access the checkout via API even if you have configured the access of the checkout via Chargebee Login. The same will not work in the case of the Self Serve Portal. Only one will work at a time.


When your Self-serve portal is configured to be accessed by SSO on API you can not access it via OTP login.

There are two types of access configurations for Self Serve Portal,

1) Via Chargebee Login - OTP will be sent to the customer's email address. This is applicable when you implement the Portal via Drop in script or Portal URL.

2) Via SSO on API - This can be done by the Chargebee API. This is applicable when you implement the Portal via Chargebee APIs.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to have two different types of access applied at the same time which means if you have configured the access of Portal via SSO on API then it will not be possible to generate an OTP email to the customers to access their self-serve portal. If it has been tried to do so then you will get the following error,

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