How to remove addons from a subscription via API in PC 2.0?

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How to remove an addon from a subscription using API in PC 2.0?


You need to call the Update subscription for items API call

You need to pass “subscription_items[item_price_id]” and “replace_items_list” parameters.

When we are passing "replace_items_list" to true, and do not pass any other parameter, it ideally removes all the addons attached to the plan.

For example, if a subscription has 2 addons, and when replace_items_list=true and no other subscription items are passed, it removes both the addons

All the above two addons are removed from the subscription

If replace_items_list=false and if any subscription items are passed, then it adds the addon.

If a subscription has 2 or more addons, and if you want to remove one addon, then you need to pass replace_items_list=true and pass addon item price id as subscription_items[item_price_id][1] which needs to be retained.

For example, a subscription has below 3 addons:

Addon needs to be removed is non-shippabble USD Monthly, then below would be the API call:

Hence, if the subscription has 2 addons and you want to remove 1 addon, you would need to just pass the addon that you need to retain and define the replace_addon_list parameter as "true".

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