Can I use checkout to update a subscription API to reactivate/ resume subscriptions?

Modified on: Tue, 27 Jun, 2023 at 2:39 PM

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Can Create checkout to update a subscription API be used to reactivate/ resume subscriptions?

How can I reactivate subscriptions via API?


The Checkout to Update a Subscription API call, cannot be used to reactivate or resume subscriptions. This API call is to be used for subscription changes, such as Plan changes, price changes, adding/ removing addons, etc. 

To reactivate a subscription via API, please make use of this API call →  


a. This API endpoint- is to be used to make changes to subscriptions, such as a change in price, change in product, etc; and not for reactivating a canceled subscription- irrespective of the Hosted Page version. 

b. Reactivating subscriptions using the above endpoint is not supported with the above endpoint; even with In-App checkout (Hosted pages v3), or Full page checkout (the version you are using- Hosted Pages v4). 

c. If customers wish to reactivate their subscriptions, you can: 

1. Allow them to head to the portal to reactivate their subscription, as given here--> and

2. Or, you can reactivate the subscription at your end (on their behalf), by using this API call-

More on reactivating subscriptions here -->

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