Error "Null/No" while syncing invoices with Quickbooks Online

Modified on: Tue, 4 Jul, 2023 at 5:16 PM


Why do I see Null error while synching invoices on Quickbooks Online?

Null message quickbooks online

Blank error message quickbooks online

No error message quickbooks online


  • Whenever a record syncs from Chargebee to Quickbooks Online, we store the mapping in order to sync future data and avoid duplication

  • You will receive a blank error message for an entity when their dependent entity is deleted in Quickbooks Online or the record is changed in Quickbooks Online but the mapping is not yet updated in Chargebee and is still referring to the old entity.

  • Say for the invoice below, the dependent entity, which is their customer/item price record, is deleted in Quickbooks Online, which is the reason the invoice is not syncing. It is also possible that the customer/item price in Chargebee is mapped to the incorrect customer/product in Quickbooks Online.



You can either check and see if there is an existing entity in Quickbooks Online and share the internal ID or name of the required entity in Quickbooks Online, or ask us to re-sync the entity again from Chargebee by reaching out to us at support. We will then map or recreate the record in Quickbooks Online.


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