What is Email Digest in Chargebee Retention?

Modified on: Wed, 21 Jun, 2023 at 11:56 AM


What are the benefits of new Retention Email Digest page?

What are the metrics and performance available with Chargebee Retention page?


We have introduced an email digest where admins and other business stakeholders can subscribe to key updates in their Chargebee Retention account. Go directly to the Settings > Setup > Email settings page in the Chargebee Retention app


Subscribers can choose to receive email updates on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The first section of the email contains these four metrics and performance compared to the prior period:

  • Number of sessions
  • Deflect rate
  • Number of repurchases
  • Retained revenue

If retained revenue reporting is not enabled, the last two metrics will be replaced with the number of saves and saved revenue.  If revenue reporting is not enabled, then the last metric will be replaced with the number of cancels.

The second section of the email lists the top 3 cancellation reasons and changes compared to the prior period.

The third section of the email list lists the top 3 offers, number of views, and acceptance rate. 

You can click the Manage Preferences link at the bottom of the email or go directly to the Settings > Setup > Email Settings page in the Chargebee Retention app to subscribe, unsubscribe, or change the frequency to receive these emails.  

If you have any questions on the email digest, please contact retention-support@chargebee.com

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