Existing customer with plan based URL in PC 2.0 - V3 checkout

Modified on: Mon, 24 Apr, 2023 at 6:43 PM

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Can we pass existing customers via plan-based URL in PC 2.0?

Is it possible to create a checkout page using the Plan based URL syntax and pass an existing customer ID?



The customer[id] param can only be passed via API for authentication. It is not supported via the Plan based URL. Plan-based URL works as expected when customer[id] param is not passed.

If you want to create a subscription for an existing customer, then you can make use of cart customization via Chargebee JS

Cart Object - Checkout & Self-Serve portal

Example - Checkout & Self-Serve portal

OR they can use our Hosted Pages API

API docs - Hosted pages | Chargebee API documentation

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