Cannot load more than 5 accounts in self serve portal

Modified on: Mon, 24 Apr, 2023 at 6:11 PM


Why do we show only accounts in self serve portal?

I could see only 5 accounts in the list and also the name was not mentioned in the UI.




Hosted pages - Pop up

The end customer has more than 5 accounts but in the portal, they can view only 5 accounts listed there. It also shows the account names as account #1, and account #2 ....There is no load more option.



Below are the conditions to be met to show more than 5 accounts in the self-serve portal:

  1. Email address set to mandatory (It is Mandatory in the merchant’s case)

  2. Allow customers to have multiple subscriptions feature in Checkout & Self-Serve Portal → Checkout settings set to enabled (It is enabled in merchant’s case)

  3. Skip order cart during checkout feature in Checkout & Self-Serve Portal → Advanced settings set to disabled (It is disabled in merchant’s case)

Let's say the above features are met, then we show load more options in the portal, please refer to the below screenshot:

 If creating different customers using the same email address instead of different subscriptions under one customer is their use case, then currently we show only 5 recent transactions in the portal. In this case, there is no way to increase the limit from the backend to display more than 5 accounts in the portal when the same email is used to create different customers instead of different subscriptions under one customer.

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