What is SSP Versioning in RevRec?

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What is the benefit of this SSP versioning in RevRec?

How to view the SSP versioning from UI?

How to match downloaded records for SSP versioning?


RevRec Accounting configures page has the Accounting Rule versioning concept that records and tracks any changes made in the accounting rules. This feature captures the modified user, timestamp, and the (Revenue/Accounting) rules modified and can restore to the previous versions with ease. Navigate from Settings > Configure > Under the Advanced section > Configure Accounting Rules, click Configure. On the Accounting Rules page, click the Timer icon on the top right corner of the toolbar. Click on the 'View Prior Versions'.

RevRec - Prior Version

When a prior version is selected:

  • The system compares of current with the selected version.
  • Displays the differences between the current and selected versions.

The restore button unwinds the changes by reverting the rules to the selected version.

1. The versioning starts from the current release version 2.22.
2. No historical information will be available on accounting rules prior to the upgrade.

1. No Configuration is required to enable this feature.
2. Available for Rev-Up and Rev-Lock’n Roll Licenses.

There are two ways to access the prior version of accounting rules:

  1. User Interface: A timer button on the top right of the toolbar

  2. Download History: Contains all the prior versions of each accounting rule. 


Accounting Rule versioning helps you track, review, and manage changes to the accounting rules on your RevRec site. The accounting rules versioning is available for both revenue rules and expense rules on your RevRec site. Any change that you make to the accounting rules in your RevRec site such as additions, deletions, and other updates are recorded as versions. You can easily view and restore previous versions of these rules as required. 

Purpose of Versioning

  • To track, review, and manage changes in accounting rules
  • Allow users to view and restore versions easily
  • Versioning would capture changes from both UI & Bulk upload.

Each change to the Accounting Rule's tracked and marked with the new release.

There are two ways to access the prior version of accounting rules:

  1. User Interface: A timer button on the top right of the toolbar

  2. Download History: Contains all the prior versions of each accounting rule. 

User Interface

Navigate from Configure > Advanced > Configure Accounting Rules > Configure > Click on the 'View Prior Versions'

Then you will see a quick snapshot of the prior version's list. The updates history drop-down appears with details such as the date of modification, the user who modified it, and whether the change has been made on Revenue or Expense Rules. 

The timer button allows you to choose the corresponding account rule version via a dropdown list

Key features

  • Allow you to view and select all prior versions of accounting rules with the timestamp
  • Provide details such as the date of the modification and the user who modified it
  • Identify the change that has been made to the Revenue or Expense Rules

Once you click on any previous version, it will direct you to a detailed page with the list of what are the rules that are Deleted vs Updated. Click on the update version to view more details. 

Note: The start date of a rule marks the effective date of a rule for a particular product, type, or family, while the end date marks the date at which the rule became inactive

Also, by clicking on the Standalone Selling Price hyperlink you can view the explicit differences between the previous version and the current version such as 

1. Product Code: Difference between versions

2. Standalone Price Policy

3. Minimum Amount

4. Maximum Amount

5. SSP Value Method

6. Recognition Method

7. Rule Start Date

8. Rule End Date.

Download History

The entire Accounting Rule history can be downloaded into an Excel file.

There are two download options

  1. Active - This download file contains a list of active accounting rules

  2. History - This download file contains a list of both active and inactive

Accounting rules

Both Active & History downloads also contain the following fields:

Modified By: User who modified/created

Rule Start Date: Timestamp of rule creation date

Last Updated: Timestamp of rule update/modification date

Status: Active or Inactive rule

Restoring Previous Accounting Rule Versions

While accessing the prior accounting rule versioning on your RevRec site, if you select and open a prior version of an accounting rule(revenue or expense), or if you upload a new Excel file with updated accounting rules, RevRec compares the currently active version of your accounting rules with the selected or uploaded version and displays all the changes between them for both revenue and expense rules. 

Any new rules get displayed under the New category, updated rules are displayed under the Updated category, and any deleted rules are listed under the Deleted category. All unchanged accounting rules are listed under the Unchanged category.

Click to expand the categories, and click on any rule to see the details such as the start date and end date of the current and prior versions of the rule.

Click Restore to restore the accounting rules to the selected version, thus updating all the accounting rules.

RevRec automatically identifies the new sales orders in the open accounting periods that are impacted by the accounting rule change. An alert appears prompting you to re-process them. Click the Process Now button to re-process your sales orders instantly and the GL impact will be recognized for the current open accounting periods.

                                                     Download History - SSP Versioning demo video

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