Can we change the structure of our product catalog as a part of Product Catalog 2.0 migration ?

Modified on: Fri, 28 Jul, 2023 at 1:54 PM


Are changes to our pricing required for this Upgrade? Can we make changes to our prices?


Product Catalog 2.0 Upgrade is a structural change to the product catalog, and below are the activities that can and can not be done as a part of PC 2.0 Upgrade

What CAN be done: 

1. Consolidating Plans with Unique Currency Codes and Billing Frequencies into one Plan in PC 2.0 allows you to have 1 Plan with multiple price points for the same product. 

2. Remove Unused Plans/Addons that have never had subscriptions. To verify, you can check in the references field in the UI; if it’s blank can be deleted. 

What CANNOT be done: 

1. Consolidate Plans with the same Currency Code and Billing Frequencies into one Plan in PC 2.0 

2. Merge Plans

3. Ignore or leave out specific plans/addons 4. Create new item price IDs not existing on PC 1.0 as PLAN_IDs (unless required to fit the new structure).

As a part of the Product Catalog 2.0 upgrade, there will be no changes to the price of any plans, addons, or charges. If you want to make pricing changes, we recommend updating any pricing post-migration.

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