How to copy Coupon configurations from live site to test site?

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How to copy Coupon configurations from live site to test site?

How to transfer coupons from live site to test site?


Chargebee’s Transfer configurations capability, allows you to copy configurations from any Chargebee site to another, irrespective of whether it is a LIVE site or a TEST site. To use this feature, you shall need at least one Chargebee LIVE account and a TEST site to transfer configurations. You can transfer Coupon configuration from Live site to Test site do this by navigating to Settings-> Configure Chargebee -> Tools -> Transfer Configurations



How it works



1. Clear Chargebee Test site data

2. Copy Configurations and Product catalog data



1. Copy Configurations and Product catalog data


Transfer Configurations between Sites

Listed here are the steps to be followed for transferring configurations from Test Site to a Live Site:

  1. On your Chargebee Test site, click Settings > Configure Chargebee > Transfer Configurations under Tools to get started with the transfer.

  2. The Transfer Configurations feature loads, with the current logged-in site pre-selected at the Source. This is the Chargebee site from which the configurations will be copied.

  1. Select a Destination site, to which you want the configurations from the Source site to be copied.
    The Destination site selection lists all the Chargebee sites that you have "Administrator" access rights to. Choose to select a destination site from this list.

  2. Click Get Started to clear the Chargebee Test sites to prepare the destination site for copying configurations. An initial confirmation message is displayed, "All the data and configurations will be deleted from your site before validating".
    Click Proceed to confirm to transfer the configuration.

  1. Click Proceed to validate the configurations being copied.

  2. All the configurations will be selected by default, uncheck all other configurations except Coupons which is available under Product Catalog

3. Post validation, a list of configurations to be copied to your destination site is displayed. Click Proceed to Transfer to initiate the data transfer.

Upon selection, you will be notified with this alert, click Proceed to confirm and begin the transfer.

Once the transfer is done a message is displayed with the total transfers completed successfully. The same applies to all configurations.

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