Total MRR shows value while Total MRR By Plan is empty

Modified on: Tue, 14 Mar, 2023 at 5:10 PM

Reports like MRR by plan and ARR by the plan are empty       

You might face issues with MRR by Plan or ARR by plan reports being empty. Ensure, the mismatch in the timezone is corrected in the backend. 

Sometimes, the issue may still prevail post-timezone correction.




• Total MRR and Total ARR shows the MRR/ARR amounts for the full subscription, irrespective of which component contributes to the MRR/ARR , be it a plan or addon. 


• Total MRR By Plan / Total ARR By Plan shows the MRR amount for the subscription that is contributed by the Plan component alone




Sample Sub #1 - 1nLx8FpTHZCvZJ3RZ: 


This subscription has a 0-dollar plan and an add-on of 750$ which is billed nearly. Therefore, the Total MRR for the Sub is 750/12 = 62.5, whereas, the MRR contributed by the Plan is 0. This is the reason why Total MRR for this plan is captured as 62.5 in the Total MRR report, but 0 in Total MRR by Plan Report.                   




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