Metered line item disappearing from draft invoice after refresh

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Metered line_items disappearing from draft Invoice

How do metered items get displayed when HIDE ZERO is enabled.?


The merchant is adding the usage to Feb generated invoice in Mar, when navigated to the invoice and refreshed, the usage gets removed. This can also be like the first invoice generated in the pending state also has the same behavior.


For this behavior to happen, the Calendar billing should be enabled and most importantly “HIDE ZERO DOLLAR “ setting should be enabled.

We have migrated to new Self-Serve Calendar Billing configuration from 23 March 2023. Self-Serve Calendar Billing allows you to add multiple Site-level & Plan-level configurations also supports Yearly billing frequency. With this new configuration, you can manage both SaaS and E-Commerce business. Besides, the Advance trigger allows you to set calendar billing for specific events. Reach out to our support to enable this feature on your site.

1) Create a Subscription with the above settings ON with a non-metered item and a metered item and generate the first invoice in a pending State.

2) Then Add some usages such that the total value of the metered item is ZERO.

3) After the pending invoice is generated -Hit the refresh button- You will see that the metered line_item is disappearing.

4) Reason for it is -  When the pending invoice is generated then zero dollars will be visible irrespective of the hidden zero ID ON/OFF. Now when you add usages and if the total value gets calculated as zero and if your hide zero is ON then the usages will be removed. If it calculates to a value greater than zero then only it will come. 

View the same steps in this video.

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