How to extract/download reports for only one specific day?

Modified on: Wed, 26 Apr, 2023 at 8:41 PM


How to download reports for one specific day using Chargebee UI


You can currently download reports from Customer/Subscription/Invoices/etc UI for multiple dates. For example, to extract reports for all cancelled subscriptions in a month, you can go to Subscriptions -> Add Filter -> Cancelled At -> Between -> 1st day of the month to last date of the month -> Apply.

However, to extract similar reports for one specific date, go to that specific page -> Add Filter -> Cancelled At (Example) -> Between -> That date (Example: Jan 6th) to Jan 6th but here you need to give the time as 
23:59:59 -> Click Apply Filter. 

Once the necessary data is available, click on Export. 

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