How do we generate the number of new and renewal subscriptions created report month on month?

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What is the Total Active Subscriptions metric in RevenueStory?

How is new and recurring subscription are calculated using RevenueStory?


The Total Active Subscriptions are the total number of Subscriptions that are ACTIVE as of a specific period. This report can be derived from the Revenuestory tab.

Explanation of metric
  • A trend line depicts the total number of subscriptions in an ACTIVE state for both paid and unpaid plans.
  • A point-in-time KPI is also available for this metric. This KPI represents the total number of subscriptions that are ACTIVE in the current period. It also displays the variance of the total number of Active Subscriptions for the previous period and the percentage change across both periods.
How it's measured

Total ACTIVE Subscriptions = Total number of ACTIVE Subscriptions during the period<\span>
Note: This does not include IN TRIAL Subscriptions.


Navigate to RevenueStory > Dashboard/Metric Explorer

Via Dashboard:

Dashboards provide a consolidated way to view all your reports and key performance indicators on a single page. RevenueStory has 10 default dashboards that will help you derive actionable insights. To add additional reports, click on ‘Add Metric

Via Metric Explorer:

Chargebee has various in-built metrics that you can add to your dashboard. These metrics are available in the form of a KPI, Chart, Table, or Cohort. 

For Total Active Paid Subscriptions, you can either click on ‘Subscriptions’ and navigate to this report (or) use the search box for any reports you are looking for. 

You will be notified to Add this metric as a KPI or as a Chart as per your business needs. You can select the metric and click ‘Add’.

Note: KPI provides you multiple Billing frequency and two types of period comparison however Chrat provides you only two types of Billing Frequency. The default Billing Frequency for KPI and Chart is Monthly.

You can match the records for the revenue comparison such as current and last month and so on. 

Now, in order to refer the data for specific subscriptions, once you add the metric on the dashboard click on the filter displayed as ‘All Customers’

You will find the list of filters to segregate reports as per your requirements and they are

  • Subscriptions

  • Products

  • Customers

  • Custom (Premium)

We need to select Products > Current Plan Name > ‘In’ > Plan name > Apply

By this, you can filter the report by specific plans/subscriptions. You can also download the report in csv format. 

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