Difference between Amount and Invoice Amount in VUD of Gross Cashflow metric

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What is the gross cash flow in RevenueStory?

What is Total Payments in RevenueStory?


Gross Cash Flow is now called Total Payments

This is the Total value of payments received against recurring and non-recurring invoices during a specific period. i.e. The total value of successful payments.

In cases where the invoice was paid partially by credit, the invoice amount and the total amount vary.

In these cases, the amount shows the amount paid by the transaction (i.e the amount due after the credit is applied) and the Invoice amount is the total invoice value.

For example - an invoice worth 100$ was paid by a credit worth 15$ and the remaining amount of 85$ was paid by the payment method.

Here the amount would show as 15$ and the Invoice amount would be 100$ in the report.

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