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I want to connect two apps to my Chargebee site. How to do it?


Let’s say you have 2 apps
- App 1
- App 2

You can connect the 1st App via the UI

To connect the 2nd app, you need to follow the below steps

  1. Call the in_app_details API with the required details

  2. The response of the above API will contain the application-id

  3. To access the sync overview page for the 2nd app, you can go to the first app’s sync overview page, copy the URL and then replace the application ID of the 1st app with the application id of the 2nd app


curl  HTTPS://<sitename>

    -X POST  \

    -u {api_key}:\

    -d shared_secret=”{shared_secret}” \

    -d app_id=”{package_name}” \

    -d channel="app_store"

Here’s a video demonstrating the steps 

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