MRR for previous month is considered in current month. Why?

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MRR for May is considered in the June month Net MRR report

One time invoice was created in the current term to be added to the past term but it is added to the current term MRR. Why?


When a one-time invoice gets created in the current term for the past term, then the MRR will be included in the current term only. 

This is the expected behavior. Any charge present in the current term invoice will be taken into consideration. Whether the charge is part of a recurring invoice or raised as a separate invoice - if it is generated in the current term, it will be considered against the MRR. The service period is not considered.                     



Usecase I : 


PC 1.0
Flexible MRR is enabled
plan monthly - 200$
MRR on the first month - 200 ( Jan 08 to Feb 08 )
On renewal that is Feb 08 added non-rec addon for the previous month's billing period (Jan 08 to Feb 08)
MRR now is - 220 (Feb 08 to Mar 08) 


Usecase II : 


PC 1.0
Plan amount - 200$
MRR on the first month - 200 (Jan 08 to Feb 07)
On renewal invoice generated for plan alone for billing period (Feb 08 to Mar 07)
after 2 days that is Feb 10 Flexible MRR enabled and a one-time invoice was generated using add one-time charges and addon option for the billing period of Jan 08 to Feb 07 for the non-recurring addon of amount 100$
Separate invoice generated for non-rec addon
MRR now is 300$ (Feb 08 to Mar 07) 



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