Delete an item or item price in PC 2.0

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How to delete an item price in PC 2.0? 

Trying to delete a plan price in PC 2.0 but getting an error 'cannot delete as items are linked'.


Deleting an item price like plan or addon or charges in PC 2.0 might not be possible directly if there are many linked entities(subscriptions, quote,s or invoices). Those need to be removed first.


If you want to delete a plan price let's say test-USD-monthly but this item has subscriptions and invoices and also has a quote generated and all are linked to the item price. 

Then you have to delete the quote and invoice first then the subscription and at last the item price.

Example 1: Delete the plan zzz1 but have monthly frequency configured and have the subscription also attached along with the invoice and transactions.

Step 1: Delete the subscription and related invoice and transaction using the bulk operation

The bulk operation will get scheduled and it will take time based on the data here I had one record so it was deleted instantly.

Check the operation logs if the scheduled action is completed.

Step 2: Delete the price point now then delete the plan item

Example 2: If plan zzz1 has addons or charges to be added on specific conditions, then those also need to remove before deleting the plan as it will archive the plan and will not allow deleting the plan

We have a Differential Pricing feature in the PC2.0 version. 

If you are trying to delete the addon and still getting archived then you need to check the differential pricing linked to addon item. First unlink the differential pricing and then delete the addon item. 

Example 3:  

Step 1: Delete the addon zzz333 

But this addon has the price points in USD currency for monthly and yearly frequency

Also, have differential pricing set for the plan zzz1

Step 2: Remove the differential pricing first then you will be able to delete the price point of the addon and now you can delete the addon as well.

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