What does the 'Unbilled Receivable' amount represent in RevRec?

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What is Unbilled Receivable in reports?

Types of Unbilled Receivable reports


Unbilled Receivable Asset: Unbilled receivables are recognized revenue that you have accounted for but have not yet invoiced to the customer. By default, the unbilled receivable is configured under journal entries, you can also create/modify them as per your accounting applications. You can see the unbilled receivable reports under revenue and sales reports.


RevRec Default Chart of Accounts

Unbilled Receivables are available in journal entries configured by default.

You can also create new journal entries by navigating to Accounting > Journal Accounting > Click on the ellipsis > Create New Account

RevRec Reports

The standard reports categorized under revenue, and sales have the following table containing unbilled receivable reports. Navigate from Reports > Revenue/Sales.

Category Report
Unearned Revenue Rollforward
Unearned Revenue WaterFall
    Sales & Invoice
Unbilled Receivable Rollforward

Unearned Revenue RollForward: Tracks the deferred revenue balance (or unbilled receivable) by accounting period, as well as the activities, including sales, billings, recognized revenue, and foreign currency adjustments that impact the balances. This report increases deferred revenue with new billings and decreases the total as revenue is earned.

Unearned Revenue WaterFall: Forecasts the future deferred revenue balances based on the current orders and revenue recognition schedules.

Unbilled Receivable Rollforward: Tracks the total unbilled receivables for sales orders during the accounting period.

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