How to add Custom fields to a RevRec report?

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How to remove Custom fields from a RevRec report?

How to open reports by custom field?

How to add reports by custom field?

Customize a report by adding a drop-down menu. 
Click Reports on the main menu select a tab and open the report you want to customize. Use drop-down menus to filter report data with custom attributes or metrics. Click and drag the custom field attribute under Report Objects. 

Note: Save option is not available by default, please reach out to RevRec Support for more details.


1. Opening a report
Click Reports on the main menu.

Select a tab and open the report you want to customize.

In this example, we open the Sales Orders report, which by default shows the Customer attribute.

2. Adding custom fields
The next step is to add fields to the report.

Go to the left pane and locate the custom field you want to add.

3. Drag the object to the table. RevRec inserts a new column.

Right-click the heading of the new column and select Move > To Page-by Axis.

4. Click SaveAdmin, Controller, and Analyst have access limited to their roles in customizing reports. Refer to this link for more information. However, these roles will not have access to save reports or clear filters. Reach out to RevRec Support for more details.

5. RevRec adds a drop-down menu to the table and filters the data using the default field.

a. To filter the table by Product Type, for example, click the drop-down menu and select an option.

6. Removing a custom field
To remove a custom field from a table:

Hover the object name next to the drop-down menu.

7. Right-click the object name and select Remove from Grid.

RevRec removes the drop-down menu and custom field.

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