Where do I access reports in RevRec?

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The reporting system in RevRec


RevRec includes a powerful warehouse and embedded reporting toolset. This overview highlights some of those features and provides a roadmap to help new clients navigate the reporting system. You can access Reports from the Menubar in the left-hand corner.


Navigating reports

Each reporting dashboard has six main sections.

  • Main menu. This is where you open the Reports dashboard.
  • Report name. Always know where you are.
  • Top toolbar. The range of available tools changes with report type.
  • Attributes. Add these to dig deeper into the data.
  • Metrics. Add these to understand performance.
  • Drillable data. The list of categories changes with report type.


Click the Reports link on the main menu. It opens a Reports dashboard with tabs for each key category of reports.

Revenue reports

Click the Revenue tab.

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