How to view and manage errors in RevRec?

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How to view and manage errors in RevRec?

Where to view the job errors?

What is the error code TRAN_ mean in RevRec?

When you create a Sales Order, Customer, Product, or Standalone Selling Price in RevRec you can encounter different errors and warnings. 


Where to look for these errors?
You can find all the errors of any process under Reports -> Control and Validation -> Job Errors:

What are the actions I can take?
There are two actions available:

Ignore – This will make the error not appear again even if the error occurs in future
Resolved – This error will be marked resolved. If in future this error occurs again, it will appear in this report.

Can I download the Errors Report?
Yes, you can download the error report by clicking on the button.

Automatic Resolution of Errors:
RevLock errors feature is designed in a way that It automatically detects if any error is Resolved in most cases.

Scenario: You have created a Sales Order and SSP was missing for the Product. After providing SSP and re-processing of Sales Order the errors will be marked Resolved automatically.

Difference between Sync Job and Sales Order Errors (RevRec Roll)

When a Sync job is executed it initiates the process of adding Sales Orders to the RevRec. If any error occurred during the processing of these Sales Orders prior to initiating the addition of those into the System will appear as Job Errors.

Any error that occurred while adding Sales Orders into the System such as SSP not found will appear as a Sales Order error.

Note: Job errors will not be automatically fixed, the merchant has to fix them. However, Sales Order errors can be automatically fixed when taking appropriate action, such as adding the missing SSP

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