Update payment method is not showing Direct-Debit for the customer

Modified on: Fri, 27 Jan, 2023 at 4:41 PM


I am unable to send update payment method for direct debit customers. Why?

Update payment method is missing or direct debit customers


There are a few pre-requisite to be met so that the customers can update their direct debit account information via the updated payment method.

Please verify if the following information is met:

1. Check the settings under: Settings -> Configure Chargebee -> Gateway -> Your Gateway -> Advanced Settings -> Display Direct Debit as a payment method for.

Here, if you have chosen “Customers with Direct Debit Payments enabled”, then further verify the below settings under the customer.

2. Open the specific customer record -> Edit Customer -> Make sure that “Allow this Customer to pay via his/her bank account” is enabled.

3. For the customer to get the correct direct debit option (Example: ACH, PAD, SEPA) make sure the preferred currency is selected correctly under the customer record.

4. If you are using the single-page checkout and the “Rhapsody Theme” then the Direct Debit option will not be available in the “Update Payment method” option. Hence, try changing the theme to a different one. Note, that this is only applicable to Product Catalog 1.0.

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