Activity log and error reporting in Chargebee Retention

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Activity Log and Error reporting in Chargebee Retention

How do I access the activity log in Retention?

Where can I view the error events in Retention?


The Activity Log can be accessed from your App Settings Page in Chargebee Retention and contains key information about your customers' engagement with the Cancel Experience. This log provides a list of the main events associated with a customer's visit to Chargebee Retention and includes the Result of these events (Success, Warning, or Error).


You can access this page under the App Settings on your Chargebee Retention Settings page. A red status indicator will be displayed next to the Settings tab in the main menu and next to the Settings > Activity Log tab if there are errors or warnings within the last 24 hours. 

You will see a list of all of the top events that have occurred, with the ability to filter this list further by the Result type. Here we will capture details on the customer interaction with the various elements of your Cancel Experience to ensure that everything is working as you expect it to, and so that you can audit a specific customer session further to dig into the details.

We classify each Activity into either Error, Warning, or Success. An Error represents something that has failed and requires your attention to fix or resolve. A Warning indicates that an error may occur, but we are currently trying to mitigate the error by replaying the key event or activity that resulted in the warning. For example, if you have a webhook endpoint that is down, Chargebee Retention will mark this event as a warning and try to retry the webhook again before ultimately marking it as an error if we fail to achieve a successful retry. This allows you to easily spot problems in your integration and address them. 

The search tool here lets you search for a specific customer and audit their Activity. This allows you to understand more granularly what happened to a given customer in the Cancel Experience

Note: Chargebee Retention will retain 30 days worth of Activity history here, so you can only search for customers who visited the cancel page within the last 30 days.

This page will load the last 30 activities by default for a given application. You can load more activities by selecting the button at the bottom of the list. 

The search function will search the entire last 30-day activity history, so the best way to find a session is not to scroll through the list but rather to search for it. 

You can set up notifications to be informed about errors and warnings. Click the Alert settings button to enable notifications via Email or Slack. If the last error or warning occurred more than 24 hours ago, notifications will be sent immediately. After that, notifications will be sent every 4 hours. Refer to this page to learn more about Slack integration.

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