What is the billing admin user role in Chargebee Retention?

Modified on: Tue, 4 Oct, 2022 at 5:35 PM


What is the Billing Admin User Role in Chargebee Retention?

How can I change the billing role in Retention?

How to make someone else as the billing admin in Retention


The Billing Admin User in Chargebee Retention has the ability to manage your Company Level settings within the Chargebee Retention Settings page.

These users have an enhanced set of functionality from a typical Chargebee Retention user, namely, they can:

The Chargebee Retention UI does not allow you to assign a new billing administrator. Therefore, in order to change the billing admin, you will need to reach out to us. Each Chargebee Retention account will have one Billing Admin, however, you can request to have another user granted this access via retention-support@chargebee.com. We by default assign the first user who signs up for the account as the Billing Admin. Similarly, the billing rights of a user can be revoked upon request. 

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