Do we have Chargebee Retention workflow sessions?

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Do we have Chargebee Retention workflow sessions?

Retention Workflow Session Fees in Chargebee Retention


Chargebee Retention has a hybrid 'usage-based' pricing model. We sell base plans across three different packages: Essentials, Performance, and Enterprise. Each plan comes with an allotment of Retention Workflow Sessions per month. Retention Workflow Sessions represent an opportunity to save your customers and extend their LTV over time. Therefore, these sessions are incredibly valuable and the value of Chargebee Retention scales as your number of sessions and saves increase. Navigate to SettingsAccount > Plan.

We base our pricing on these session limits. Our plans can be either billed monthly/quarterly or annually for a discount. Regardless of the subscription term, your session limit will be calculated on a rolling 30-day window based on when you signed up for your initial plan. 


Your base plan will include x sessions per month at $ per session. Each session you use up to the limit that is included in the subscription price. If you go over your limit, you will be charged the per-session rate for each of your extended sessions during that period. You can track your current session utilization in SettingsAccount > Plan. Session limits will not carry over from month to month. 

NoteChargebee Retention will not count 'duplicate' sessions in the same billing period. We cohort sessions based on their start date for the purposes of Extended Session tracking. This means that if a user is deflected during this 30 day billing period, and then cancels in the next 30 day billing period, you will only be charged for the single session during this period. The subsequent session will not count towards your monthly limit

If you are over your Retention workflow session limit for the month, you can upgrade to lock in a lower rate for each of your subsequent sessions during that period. In the example above, we have used 75/50 included sessions. 50 of these sessions were 'free' or included in your subscription, and the additional 25 you have accrued will be billed at $5.00 per session for an additional $125. 

If you upgrade during the middle of a plan, we will apply the upgrade immediately and bill you for each session used over your existing limit at your current rate, in this case, $125. We will then set your new rate and carry over the included sessions from your previous plan, in this case, 50 because these were not charged for in the overage fee. Your base plan will be credited for the unused time, and the new plan will be prorated for the remaining period. 

You will receive an invoice for this base plan adjustment right away that will automatically handle the pro-ration. Your usage bill will be sent at the end of the billing period on the next invoice and will include the $125 charge from the first set of overages, plus any overages accrued under the new plan.

If you have any questions about your current session limit or how your Retention Workflow Sessions are tracked, please contact  

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