How to ​edit headlines, copy, and survey elements on your Chargebee Retention page?

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How to edit headlines on your Chargebee Retention page?

How to edit copy elements on your Chargebee Retention page?

How to edit survey elements on your Chargebee Retention page?


Chargebee Retention redirects canceling or downgrading customers through Chargebee Retention experiences to view Loss Aversion Cards gather insights from the Exit Survey, and use Offers to help them reconsider. Each Experience leads to a Chargebee Retention page that holds all of these elements together. In the page editor in the Experience Manager, edit headlines, copy, and survey elements on the Chargebee Retention Page.


Page Copy

Let your brand voice speak up with a custom copy on your Headline, Upper Nevermind, and Lower Nevermind.

Note: Changes for Loss Aversion Cards and Offers are implemented through the Loss Aversion Card Manager and Offer Manager, not the page editor.


The Headline is the line of text just below the logo on the Chargebee Retention Page. It's your first shot at saving your customer, by meeting them with a personalized message.

The Headline can be personalized with the following variables, pulled in by the Chargebee Retention installation code:

  • Lifetime Value
  • Domain
  • First Purchase Date
  • Organization Name
  • Owner Email
  • Owner First Name

Upper Nevermind

The Upper Nevermind is the button below the Loss Aversion Cards that offers the customer an immediate opportunity to turn back while it's not too late by navigating them away from the Chargebee Retention page. 

When Loss Aversion Cards are optimized for your business, we've seen a 10% deflection rate at the Upper Nevermind button alone. 

Lower Nevermind

The Lower Nevermind is a Checkbox item at the close of the Chargebee Retention Page confirming the customer fully understands the loss that comes with canceling their account.

Setting up a Vanity URL

When your customer hits Cancel or Downgrade, we redirect customers to a page hosted on Chargebee Retention, but you can make it looks and feel like the customer is never leaving your site or app by setting up a custom domain using a CNAME. 

Send us the custom domain you'd like to use for your cancel or downgrade page, like, and we'll apply it to your account on the backend. Refer to this link to set up a custom domain by using a CNAME.

Survey Elements

The Chargebee Retention Page includes a few different exit survey options, each adding a different value to the Chargebee Retention Page and insights collected in Chargebee Retention Reports. The different surveys include:

  • The Reason Survey
  • Competitor Pulse
  • Return Likelihood Survey
  • Comments

The Reason Survey

The Reason Survey is made of up Reasons that your customer selects for why they want to cancel or downgrade. We’ve split out Reasons into 7 tried and true compression Categories: Product, Needs, Pricing, Execution, Customer Experience, Company reasons, or Delivery issues for eCommerce subscription services. Learn about Reasons and Categories in greater detail here: Chargebee Retention Categories and Reasons.

Define the Reasons within each category that make sense for your business. Reasons are the customer-facing choice for why they choose to cancel or downgrade, and are based on categories, but customized for the business. Results are reflected in the Reasons Report

Competitor Pulse

Competitor Pulse helps you keep an eye on upticks in competitive rivalry. Seeing upward trends in a specific competitor can key you into competitor strategies, like offering discounts to win over your customers or launching a new product. Early insights into competitor advantages allow you to take action and stay competitive before it’s too late. Outline which competitors you want to keep tabs on with your Customer Success Manager. Competitors appear in the Trends Report Drilldowns and the Customers Pages.

Return Likelihood

The Return Likelihood Survey captures your customer’s true feelings at the moment of their exit. For customers that exit at seven and above, add them to nurture campaigns to keep them warm and win them back when the time is right. View Return Likelihood Survey results in the Trends Report Drilldowns and the Customers Pages.


Comments can unearth negative support experiences, technical hiccups, product feedback, or feature requests that might otherwise fly under the radar. Using Zapier, create support tickets for tracking and follow-up. You can find all comments under Comments in the Customer Reports and Trends Report Drilldowns.

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