How to edit an Offer in Chargebee Retention?

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How to edit an Offer in Chargebee Retention?

How to configure Offer actions in Chargebee Retention?
How to send an email instantly in Chargebee Retention?

How to manage Intercom integration in Chargebee Retention?


Chargebee Retention lets you control the copy and content of your Offers via the Offer Editor which can be accessed from inside the Offer Library. You can edit an offer already in your library or when you create a new one: 

For existing offers, navigate to the Experience ManagerOffers tab and select the Offer you would like to edit.

For new offers, click Create a new Offer and go through the three steps (Goal, Action, Layout) to launch the Offer Editor.

You will be launched into the Offer Editor which will give you the ability to configure all the components of that offer, including:

  • Offer Editor Tab
  • Configuring Offer Actions
    • Link
    • Send Email 
    • Send Email (instantly)
    • Intercom
  • Placing an Offer in an Experience

  • Publishing Offer Changes
  • Offer Card Information for Integrations
  • Additional Actions / Multi-CTA Offers

Within this editor, there are two primary tabs, 'Edit' and 'Placement'. The Edit tab lets you control the content of the Offer and the Placement tab lets you place that Offer within an Experience


Edit tab

The Edit tab will look a little bit different depending upon the Offer Layout and Offer Action you have selected. However, all Offers will have the following main sections that can be configured in the Offer Editor: 

  • Sidebar: where you load in an image/video and any corresponding text
  • Text: where you edit the copy that appears on the offer
  • Action: where you configure the action fields associated with the offer
  • Information: where you get things like the card API name to be used in webhooks/segment

Configuring Offer Actions

The Sidebar and Text sections are primarily content editors. However, offer actions are the same and the layout of the editor will change depending upon which action is selected for that offer. 

Link Action

The link action is the action available. Enter the text you want to appear in the Offer CTA and apply a valid URL field. When entering a URL, you can either hard code it to the specific offer or can dynamically insert a field using the lightning bolt icon. 

Note: You will only see URL field types in the drop-down when selecting a link and must have a valid URL if you hard code it.

Send Email & Send Email Instantly 

Many customers need to email a 3rd party system to process offers in Chargebee Retention, and that is where the Send Email and Send Email Instantly actions come into play. These two Actions are very similar, one just requires an additional step from the end-user. 

Send Email

The send email action has three tabs to configure within the editor, instead of just one like the link. These are Offer, Send, and Success

On the Offer tab, you update the CTA that the customers select when they click on the offer. 

The Send tab is where you configure the text box that the user types their message into as well as the email address you want to send the email to when a user clicks the 'Send Message' CTA. 

The final step is to configure the Success tab where you configure the message that the user is shown. 

In this view, you have the ability to show or hide the cancel action. Depending upon the type of offer you are showing, you can give the customers the option to 'Return to the App' or 'Continue to Cancel' at this step in the flow. Keep in mind that adding a 'Continue to Cancel' button will decrease the performance of the offer because it gives users a path to cancel after sending the email. 

Send Email Instantly 

Send Email Instantly functions almost the same as the Send Email action, but it skips the middle step where the user has to type out a message. This action is often used when you have agents processing an offer, as it gives you the option to send the key details over to the agent without forcing the end-user to type anything. 

This offer editor has two tabs instead of three, Offer and Success. The Offer tab has two additional fields, 'Email message to send' and 'Email'. This is where you configure the email message that will be sent to your agents. The best practice is to be sure that you include whatever details your agent will need to apply the correct offer to that end-users subscription. 

The success step for this offer is exactly the same as the Send Email Action type. 


Customers who have the Intercom integration enabled will have an additional offer action appear in their view, which will let the user initiate an Intercom chat session when they click the Offer CTA. This Action type will not appear in the New Offer Flow unless the Intercom integration is enabled. 

When the integration is enabled, you have the ability to update the CTA and the 'Initial Message'. The 'Initial Message' is what will appear when the end-user starts a chat with your agent. This is where you should include any details about that offer that you want your agents to receive when the chat is started. 

Placing an Offer in an Experience

Once you have finished editing the content of your offer, you can either hit Done and save it as a draft, or click over to the Placement tab to place the Offer in an Experience

The Placement tab will present you with a list of your experiences, and all the available offer placements within those experiences. If there is already an Offer in the Placement location, the name of the offer will appear in gray to the right of it. To replace an existing Offer, simply select the checkbox and it will be updated.

Note: This Offer Placement tab only lets you place a single Offer in a Chargebee Retention Experience. For more info on how to pull multiple offers into a single experience, visit this link

Publishing Offer Changes

Once you have placed the Offer in the Experiences you want it to show up in, you can select 'Done' and either 'Publish Now' or 'Save draft'

The 'Publish Now' button will let you immediately push those changes live, whereas the 'Save draft' button will save it to your Offer Library as a draft that can be reviewed before publishing. 

If your offer is used in an existing experience and you save it as a draft, you will be able to see it in the draft preview of that experience. This is the best practice if you have internal reviewers who need to sign off on offer changes before they are sent. 

Offer Card Information for Integrations

Many of our customers use Webhooks or Segment events to listen for Accepted Offers and update their downstream systems accordingly. Using the display name of the Offer to trigger these integrations is error-prone as the name can be changed in the Experience Manager, which would require an update in your internal system to match the new name. 

To mitigate this issue, we automatically assign a card name to the offer when it is created. This card name cannot be changed and therefore can be used to associate with that offer. You can copy the card name directly from the Information section in the Offer Editor

Additional Actions / Multi-CTA Offers

By default, we only support a single CTA per Offer. This is intentional as we have found as a best practice presenting multiple CTAs can be confusing and degrade offer performance. However, there are cases where it does make sense to present a secondary CTA below the initial one. 

For example, if the user selects 'Missing Integrations' as a cancel reason, it can make sense to present an Offer with two potential exit paths.

Additional Offer Actions: This is an advanced feature of Chargebee Retention. If you would like us to enable Additional Offer Actions for your account, please contact

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