How to create Checkout URL if plan/addon ID contains “+” sign?

Modified on: Mon, 5 Sep, 2022 at 12:44 PM

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Why my addon ID is throwing an error in the Checkout URL when it exists on my site?


Suppose for PC 1.0, if the One-time checkout URL is (below)[id][0]=mobile-app-(android-+-ios)---inr-15000

Just replace the + sign with 
%2B in the above URL

You just need to make the above changes in any Checkout URL for it to work, if the error is coming because of the + sign.


Suppose for PC 1.0, the One-time checkout URL that you have created is (below)[id][0]=mobile-app-(android-

Then it wouldn’t work. It would throw an error like this (below image)

Even though the addon ID entered was correct (below image)

Since the URL is not considering the “+” sign, it is throwing an error.
Referred to this doc -

which tells to use this (below image)

Hence use this as a URL -[id][0]=mobile-app-(android-%2B-ios)---inr-15000

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