How can I add an allowed domain on single page checkout Hpv2?

Modified on: Wed, 24 Aug, 2022 at 5:32 PM

How can I add an allowed domain on a single page checkout Hpv2?
How to whitelist a domain?

How to whitelist a return or a redirect URL?


In Chargebee a domain can be whitelisted from the Whitelist return URL domain under Checkout and Self-serve Portal Settings to send secure subscription/payment-related information while redirecting from the Chargebee pages to your domain/website.

Note: To whitelist domain on In-app checkout Hpv3, refer to this link.


This feature is used to prevent phishing attacks, where a malicious website tries to masquerade as your website. Only return (and cancel) URLs, whose domain matches the whitelisted domain, will be allowed for portal authentication. 
Checkout Page V2: To whitelist your domain, navigate to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Customer-facing Essentials > Checkout and Self-serve Portal > Whitelist return URL domain

1. This is applicable for Chargebee customer portal authentication. This is not applicable to the API-based Single-Sign-On.
Specify the domain name of your website with HTTP or HTTPS prefix. 3.This feature is not related to white labelling.

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