QuickBooks sync error 6140 and 6430

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Third-party request failed [ERROR CODE:6140, ERROR MESSAGE: Duplicate Document Number Error,

Quickbooks sync error 6140

Quickbook - Third party request failed [ERROR CODE:6430, ERROR MESSAGE:Invalid account type used


If you have received a Quickbooks sync error in the format-

“Third party request failed [ERROR CODE:6140, ERROR MESSAGE:Duplicate Document Number Error, ERROR DETAIL:Duplicate Document Number Error : You must specify a different number. This number has already been used. DocNumber=xxx is assigned to TxnType=Invoice with TxnId=xxx, MORE ERROR DETAIL:]”

This error occurs when there already exists an invoice/credit note in QB with the same invoice/credit note number. 


There are 2 ways to handle this:


  • If it is the same invoice/credit note that has already been created in QB manually, then you can simply choose to ignore this sync error so that it does not show up again in the future.

  • Re-number the invoice/credit note already existing in QB so that the invoice/credit note from Chargebee can sync through.

Quickbook Third party request failed [ERROR CODE:6430, ERROR MESSAGE:Invalid account type used, ERROR DETAIL:Invalid account type: You can't associate a product or service with accounts of certain types (such as Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable). If the product or service is something you sell, use an income account. If the the product or service is something you buy, use an expense account.,


In order to fix this, please update the accounting code on the plan/add-on level that is associated with the transaction to an account that is not of the above-mentioned types(such as Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable) and choose an Income/Expense account type.

Once done, you should be able to sync them across to your QB account. 

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