What is NRR (Net Revenue Retention) and where to check this metric in Revenue Story?

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What is NRR?

Where to find the NRR metric in Revenue Story?


What is NRR?

Percentage of Monthly Recurring Revenue retained during the period. NRR = [ MRR in the period / MRR at the beginning of the period ] x 100 Note: It only considers MRR from customers that were active at the beginning of the period for calculation purposes. 

Calculation explained with Real-time numbers: NRR is the Monthly Recurring Revenue RETAINED during the period for customers active at the beginning of the period.

In simpler words, we consider the MRR of customers who were active in the previous month and this month.

We don't consider those customers who were Activated / newly joined customers in the current Month. Let me explain to you in more detail with an example calculation for the month of Feb 2023. Total Active Customers in Feb 2023 = 299:

Follow below steps in the XXX domain for my analysis.

Step #1: Export the Underlying data for Total Customers of Feb 2023 .

Step #2: Export the Underlying data for Total Customers of Jan 2023 .

Step #3: Analysed both the list of Customer IDs and find out which were actually present in Jan 2023, but not in Feb 2023.

You can also download the underlying data from the Net Revenue Retention metric at the Customer Insights level if needed.

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