Accounting code provided doesn't exist in QuickBooks

Modified on: Tue, 29 Nov, 2022 at 8:23 PM

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How to fix the error with “Accounting Code” in QBO?


This error will occur when the “Accounting code” filled in Chargebee is incorrect. You have to enter the “Accounting Name” from QBO into the “Account Name” field in Chargebee Plan/Addon.


If you receive the error “Accounting code provided doesn't exist in QuickBooks”, please check if the accounting name from the QBO chart of account is entered correctly in Chargebee.

You need to fill the Chart of Account's account name from Quickbooks in the "Account Name" column. For example, as per the below screenshot from the QBO account, we have to give "2000 Sales" in the “Account Name” code in Chargebee

Note: The accounting code “2000” from QBO will not work and hence you have to only give the “Accounting Name”

For Chargebee sites on Product Catalog 2.0, you would need to edit the "Item price" for you to be able to see the "Accounting Information" section and add the “Account Name”. 

Please refer to this video for the steps.

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