Why do Plans ‘Preview’ on the Live site show the configurations of the Test site‌?

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Why do Plans ‘Preview’ on the Live site show the configuration of the Test site‌? 

How does the checkout preview work in live Chargebee sites?

Checkout preview does not work as intended on Live sites, why?


The drop-in script ‘Preview’ option on the LIVE site & TEST site will display the preview of the plans on the TEST site by default to avoid unnecessary actions by creating sample subscriptions.


The ‘Preview’ option functionality helps you to evaluate, visualize & analyze the outcome of your Plans & site configuration. Once, you transfer the configuration from the TEST site to the LIVE site, the ‘Preview’ button settings stay connected only to the TEST site. 

Preview feature:

To analyze the Plans & Site configuration, the preview helps you to understand the complete flow from subscribing Plans to Purchase Summary. This is performed by creating a sample script to evaluate the front-end & back-end behavior. Once the customer purchases the plan from Checkout, you will also see the back-end task such as Customer created, Subscription created, Invoice generated (as per the configuration), Email notification status, Transaction summary, Orders (if configured), Contract (if configured)) and more. Therefore, the Preview option not only provides the visual flow of the Checkout page but also the preview of the Chargebee site functionality. 

Hence, the ‘Preview’ button from the LIVE site relies on the test site configuration. Having said that, if you prefer to make any changes or update settings on your LIVE site, it is recommended and advisable to first perform the test on the TEST site and upon the successful result as per your requirements, you can transfer the TEST site to LIVE site configuration. Please refer to this link to know more about Transfer Configuration.

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