Xero - How to connect two Chargebee sites to one Xero account (Internal)?

Modified on: Tue, 21 Jun, 2022 at 3:52 PM

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How to integrate more than one Chargebee site to a Xero account?
Is it possible to connect two Chargebee sites to one Xero Account?
Admin actions for connecting multiple Chargebee sites to a single Xero Account


It is possible to integrate two Chargebee sites with a single Xero account. However, the vice versa is not a possible option, i.e., we can not connect two Xero accounts to a Chargebee site. 


  1. Ensure that the JSON in tp_integ_conf is empty. Login to integrations DB and open the table tp_integ_conf for the new Chargebee site being integrated with the Xero account.
    If not, use the update tp_integ_conf option and replace the configJson with {}. Please find below the screenshot for your reference.

  2. Once the above is done, go for the Copy authentication admin action (Integrations DB > Invoke action > Copy Authentication).

  3. Now, after auth is copied, to make sure that any auth changes are reflected on both sites, add the setting "multi_sites":["siteA-test", "siteB-test"] to the tp_integ_conf config JSON as shown below ( This is to be done for all the sites connected to same Xero instance). An example -

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