Auto-populating fields in Chargebee checkout link generated via Hubspot

Modified on: Tue, 7 Jun, 2022 at 5:51 PM


Is there a way to pre-fill some fields during the checkout via Hubspot, after the email is entered knowing the contact info on Chargebee?

How to auto-populate fields in the Chargebee checkout links generated via Hubspot integration?


It is possible to have the contact information like phone number etc., pre-filled while going through the checkout process via Hubspot.


If you update the customer field on the Chargebee page and generate the checkout link via Hubspot, that link will contain the pre-filled information automatically.

See the example below:

Chargebee customer is being updated with the phone number

And as soon as you update and refresh the checkout link generated from Hubspot the phone number gets updated there automatically.

Customer (Account) Fields that are enabled to display in checkout (under Checkout settings) will be auto-populated if they are added on the Chargebee customer record

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