How to export the subscription count report from Chargebee?

Modified on: Fri, 24 Feb, 2023 at 6:05 PM


Is there any way to export the Subscription Count report to excel?

The subscriptions index pages show 1000+ subscriptions but not exact numbers

How to view the exact number of subscriptions?


By default, the subscription index page displays counts only if it's within 1000 and anything more will be displayed as 1000+. You can view the exact subscription counts also filter them by plan type from Classic Reports. You can either download the subscriptions count report from the Chargebee app -> Classic reports -> Subscription count report or if you have RevenueStory then access the 'Total Subscriptions by Plan' report. 


The subscription summary section displays information about your sales performance. It contains reports on subscription counts. There are two ways you can review this report and the differences between classic reports for subscription data and their equivalent reports in RevenueStory are provided below.

Subscription Count

This report gives you an overview of the number of subscribers you have for all your plans. By default, all subscription states (future, trial, active, nonrenewing, and canceled) are considered in the count indicated in this report. You can use filters to view the count based on specific subscription criteria.

Formula: Count of subscription IDs grouped by the plan at present.

Navigate from ‘Classic Reports > Subscription Count’

Total Subscriptions by Plan

The total number of subscriptions as of a specific period segmented by the plan.


Count of subscription IDs grouped by the plan as of a specific period. 

Navigate from ‘Revenue Story > Metric Explorer > Total Subscriptions by Plan’

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