How to find which team member performed a certain activity on Chargebee app?

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How to find a team member's activity log?

How to check if the customer went into the Chargebee portal and cancelled the subscription themselves?


Any change that happens to the system is captured as an ‘Event’. This is also available under ‘Activity log’ in the respective section. These include changes related to customers, subscriptions, plans, add-ons, and coupons. These logs have information on the user/team member who made the changes as well. 


Event logs in regards to your customers and subscriptions can be found on the UI under Logs > Events. Events related to plans, coupons, and add-ons, on the other hand, are logged in their respective detail pages.

For events respective to users, you can filter logs by User

Events will have all the details related to that event including the ‘Source’. You can also view the events under ‘Activity logs’ in detail.



To check for a particular subscription, customer activity, 

you can navigate to that particular subscription->Scroll down to activity->Show details->Check the user name

Note: Scheduled jobs will not have any email present, whereas manual cancellations will show the user's email.

You can also refer to the API for more information on the events. 

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