How do I index into tiers and retrieve tier prices (subscription.item_tiers not working

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How do I index into tiers and retrieve tier prices?


List item prices API This API returns a list of item prices satisfying all the conditions specified in the filter parameters. This API can be used to retrieve the list of price points with 'Plan pricing model' as 'Tier'.


There are two ways you can retrieve a tiered plan price, through UI and API.

Retrieve Tiered Plan Price through API:

If you are using PC 2.0/ PC 1.0

First, you need to use the List item prices API call for this and use pricing_model[is] = 'tiered' to list all the tiered plans. You can pass additional parameters as well.

Then to list the specific plan tiered prices, we can use List applicable item prices for a plan-item price API to list the tiered plans price. 

Retrieve Tiered Plan Price through UI:

Navigate to Settings > Import & Export Data > Export Data > Export Product Catalog and you will have a zip file with the set of CSV files downloaded.



 Please check for the 'ItemTiers' CSV file which will have all the list of tiered plan pricing details.

List of Tiered Plans with Prices.

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