Applying multiple coupons and manual discounts to a subscription

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In what sequence do coupon and manual discounting work?

What is the logic of applying manual discounting and coupons?

What happens if we apply multiple coupons?

How do I add a coupon on top of an active coupon? 


When your business operates in both inbound and outbound sales workflows, you may provide manual discounts during the sale and also share coupons with customers that can be applied during checkout. In such cases, where multiple manual discounts and coupons are applied to a single subscription, they are applied to the subscription in the following sequence:

Manual Discounts: This feature is currently available on selective plans. Please refer to the plans and pricing page. If you are on our previous plans, then this feature is available on our Enterprise plans.


  1. Line-level, fixed amount coupons
  2. Line-level, fixed amount discounts
  3. Line-level, percentage coupons 
  4. Line-level, percentage discounts 
  5. Invoice-level, fixed amount coupons
  6. Invoice-level, fixed amount discounts
  7. Invoice-level, percentage coupons
  8. Invoice-level, percentage discounts


For a Subscription of $20, when given a Manual Discount of 50% and a Coupon of $10, then Coupon Flat Fee will apply first and then percentage-based (Manual Discount) will apply. 





Coupon Flat Fee


Manual Discount @ 50%  
(50% of $10)


Renewal Amount  
(After Coupons and Discounts)


Configuring Multiple Coupons

Click Settings > Configure Chargebee > Billing LogIQ > Select Enable multiple coupons for quotes and subscriptions.


Also, if you want your customers to use multiple coupons from the Self-Serve Portal, navigate from Settings > Configure Chargebee > Checkout and Self-Serve Portal.

If they are unable to apply multiple coupons at the checkout in spite of enabling the above option, it is because the cart amount has been completely utilized by one of the coupons.

Example : 

If the checkout total value is $100 and the customer has two coupons, 50% off and 75% off, then the customer will be able to apply both coupons. Even if both coupons are applied, once the checkout value hits $0, the remaining coupon amount or discount percentage will be voided, and the same cannot be used on the next purchase.

Configuring Manual Discounts

Follow the steps below to add manual discounts to quotes and subscriptions in your Chargebee site:

  1. Click Settings > Configure Chargebee > Billing LogiQ.

  2. Select to enable Allow manual discounts for quotes and subscriptions.

  3. Click Update Billing LogiQ.
    You can add manual discounts to subscriptions and quotes while creating or editing them. You can even add manual discounts to subscription records on-demand at any point in time.

Note: This step is irreversible. Once enabled, you cannot disable this feature to stop allowing users to add manual discounts.

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