Applying multiple coupons and manual discounts to a subscription

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In what sequence do coupon and manual discounting work?

What is the logic of applying manual discounting and coupons?


When your business operates in both inbound and outbound sales workflows, you may provide manual discounts during the sale and also share coupons with customers that can be applied during checkout. In such cases, where multiple manual discounts and coupons are applied to a single subscription, they are applied to the subscription in the following sequence:

  1. Line-level, fixed amount coupons
  2. Line-level, fixed amount discounts
  3. Line-level, percentage coupons 
  4. Line-level, percentage discounts 
  5. Invoice-level, fixed amount coupons
  6. Invoice-level, fixed amount discounts
  7. Invoice-level, percentage coupons
  8. Invoice-level, percentage discounts


For a Subscription of $20, when given a Manual Discount of 50% and a Coupon of $10, then Coupon Flat Fee will apply first and then percentage-based (Manual Discount) will apply. 





Coupon Flat Fee


Manual Discount @ 50%  
(50% of $10)


Renewal Amount  
(After Coupons and Discounts)


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