How Deferred Revenue Movement Calculation is done from the Account summary report(Month on Month)?

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How is deferred revenue movement calculated?

How is AR movement calculated?


This has the sum of all deferred revenue for the selected period from the deferred revenue detail reports


Opening Deferred Revenue Balance (Last months deferred revenue balance) + Sales(net of discount and tax) - Sales Reversal(net of discount and tax) - Revenue Recognized(current month) + Revenue Reversal = Closing balance of Deferred Revenue Balance (opening balance of next month)

We should apply the filters in the account summary report first as mentioned in the below image.

AR Movement calculation

Opening Accounts Receivable Balance (Last months Accounts Receivable balance) + Sales(net of discount)+ Tax - Sales Reversal(net of discount reversal) - Tax Reversal - Bad Debt +Bad Debt Reversal - Payment(inclusive of tax) - Overpayment + Refund = Closing balance of Accounts Receivable Balance (Current due and overdue) (opening balance of next month)

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