What are the prerequisites and sync rules for Zoho CRM integration

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Will a subscription get updated in ZohoCRM if it is updated in Chargebee?

What data can be overridden in ZohoCRM integration with Chargebee?

What is the sync rule in ZohoCRM integration?


  • You need to map the Company in Chargebee Subscription to an existing Account in Zoho Deal or create a new account as this is a mandatory field for Zoho.
  • The multi-currency setting needs to be activated to map MRR to Amount in Zoho.

Sync Rules For Subscriptions

There is only one sync rule i.e. Choose the pipeline and the stages related to the pipeline in Zoho for Active/Non-Renewing subscriptions displayed in the dropdown in ZohoCRM.

  • Update the Sync Status and Errors to deal with Subscriptions.
  • Sync subscriptions that are in the "Active/Non-Renewing" state (That is you cannot sync future subscriptions, trials,and so on.)
  • A subscription is synced only once.

A subscription is never updated in ZohoCRM even if it is updated in Chargebee. eg. change the status is not done for a deal in Zoho. 
The setting for ‘overriding Zoho data' only applies to contacts

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