How to add one-time or quick charges to a customer or subscription?

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Create a Quick charge for a customer from your UI


You can collect a one-time payment from a customer or a subscription using the Add Quick Charge option as well as  Add One-Time Addons and Quick Charge. 


One-time Charges

 This option can be quite useful, especially when you come across scenarios where you have to collect payments from customers for goods or services that are not normally included as a part of their subscription model. It can also be used when you want to collect payment for a product or service that is not modeled into your system like a non-recurring addon.

A one-time charge can be applied to a customer or a subscription via the Chargebee UI or via API. 

Add Charge via UI

On the Chargebee user interface, the Add Addon action on the details page of either a Subscription or a Customer can be used to add a one-time charge. (Shown below for a Customer)

Click here to read more about Quick Charges. 

Add One-Time Addons and Quick Charge

In addition to creating invoices for a single addon or quick charges, you can also create invoices for multiple charges and non-recurring add-ons together. When you want to add multiple ad-hoc charges or non-recurring addons to a customer or a subscription, you can make use of the Add One-time Addons and Quick Charge action.

To raise an Invoice for multiple ad-hoc charges and addons, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the details page of the customer or subscription.

  2. Click Add One-Time Addons and Quick Charge on the Action panel.

  3. In the Add One-time Addons and Quick Charges page, click Add Quick Charge to add any ad-hoc charges.

  4. In the Add Charge pop-up, enter the following details:

    • Currency: Specify the currency for the charge.
    • Amount: Specify the amount for the charge.
    • Service Period: Select the time period that the charged service is to be accounted for. 
    • Provide a description for the charge.
    • Select Taxable if this charge is taxable (if left unselected, tax is not applied on this charge).
    • Click Add. You can use Add Quick Charge to add more charges as required.
  5. Click Add One-Time Addon to add non-recurring addons.

    • Select an addon from the drop-down list.
    • The price of the addon as configured gets displayed. You can modify this price if needed. If you want to price your addons in fractional amounts with more than two decimal places or if you want to charge for fractional quantities, you can enable multi-decimal support.
    • Service Period: Select the time period that the charged service is to be accounted for. Specify the from and to dates/times of the period.
      • Chargebee considers this service period for the revenue recognition and deferred revenue reports.
      • Note: The time component can only be chosen when your site runs on millisecond-based billing mode.
    • Tax related fields as defined for the addons are displayed.
    • Click Add. You can click Add One-Time Addon to add more non-recurring addons as required.
  6. You can click Add Coupon/Coupon Code to apply a coupon. (Multiple coupons of the same type can also be added. Contact support to avail this feature.)

  7. Specify the PO number if required.

  8. Under Invoice Notes, you can add additional information to be displayed to your customers on the invoice contextually. Invoice notes configured for Invoices in general, and those added for customer or subscription, non-recurring addon, if any, gets displayed here as well. You can remove some of these notes and add a new note as required. This note is displayed first in the invoice under Invoice Notes.

  9. If the addon is a physical good to be shipped, you can add the shipping address details. You can choose to ship to the customer's billing address, or you can even add the shipping address details. Any existing shipping addresses available for the customer are also available for selection.

  10. Click Preview and Send to preview the invoice, and click Create Invoice.

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