Netsuite error -NetSuite request failed [Invalid createdFrom reference key xxxx] on syncing credit note.

Modified on: Mon, 8 Nov, 2021 at 4:51 PM


NetSuite request failed [Invalid createdFrom reference key]

Netsuite sync error with invalid createdFrom reference key


On syncing credit notes, NetSuite is throwing the error -  NetSuite request failed [Invalid createdFrom reference key xxxx.] where xxx is a numeric id.


The xxx in the error represents the internal id of an invoice for which the credit memo is generated. While creating a credit memo in NetSuite, we pass the associated invoice internal ID in the NetSuite field “createdFrom”. If the associated invoice is deleted in Netsuite then NetSuite throws this error.

Please make use of admin actions-  sync_analysis/tp_query to check if the associated Invoice is present in NetSuite or not.

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